Trauma Related Illnesses

If you are concerned that a past history of emotional trauma and it’s underlying effects are holding you back from achieving your goal of whole health…you are right.

Trauma is a fact of life.  In fact, data shows that roughly 1:5 Americans have been molested, 1:4 grew up in an alcoholic home, and 1:3 couples have been involved in a physically violent relationship.

Even more concerning than Big “T” types of the trauma experienced in everyday life.

Adverse childhood trauma  (ACEs) especially before age six has profound detrimental health consequences that can last a lifetime. Toxic stress from (ACEs) can change brain development and effect such things as attention, decision-making, learning, and response to stress.

Science now shows us that trauma has the ability to reshape our bodies and our brains and keeps us stuck.

The first step to healing and recovery is acknowledging that this neural rewiring is in place and understanding that this can be changed and healing can occur.

When you let go and learn to begin to trust–magical things can happen!

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