Sustainable Health

I believe that sustainable health is only possible when a holistic treatment method is pursued.

That is why at each visit we will address mind, body and spirit.

While it is easy to think of one’s health as only being affected by the maintenance of our internal organs, it’s just not that simple.

The external factors that we face in our day-to-day life have just as much of an effect on how we feel. Managing both the external and internal aspects is my priority as I want my patients to enjoy long and sustainable health.

The following aspects are what I prioritize in my practice as I strive to promote sustainable health among my patients:

  • Improve health for everyone, not just those who walk through my doors – Promoting healthy lifestyle choices encourages sustainable health for more than just my patients. I encourage patients to educate friends and family about healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Use more accessible, and less expensive, treatment methods – Maintaining one’s health is a daily project unto itself, there’s no need to make it any more complicated. My treatment methods are modern, effective, easy-to-implement, and cost-effective. Remember, food is medicine.  We will take your situation step and step and utilize more expensive testing only when necessary.  If you are unhappy or struggling with any part of your treatment program, we will discuss it and make changes as needed in order for you to enjoy the process while achieving the results you desire.
  • Environmentalism is important, even to your health – Improving the environment is more than a political talking point. Pollution can have detrimental effects on the body. Chemicals that we interact with on a daily basis can alter our genes and create chronic health conditions.  Women are especially sensitive to this as we are exposed to hundreds of chemicals each day in our health and beauty regimens. I will help you with cleaning up your environment and selecting healthier options for your daily routines.
  • I do my best to walk the talk- It’s very easy to give advice, but not so easy to follow your own advice.  Therefore, I am committed to helping you by recommending  only trusted treatments, products and partners that I use for myself and my family.  I practice yoga, meditate, eat a whole foods diet and try to live each day in the moment as best as I can. Do I fail sometimes? Absolutely! I am only human, just like you.

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