Interested in another perspective?

Medicine is not black or white

If you find yourself frustrated or confused, not sure who or what to believe, it’s ok.  I’ve been there myself.

The truth is that medicine is not black or white and there are many different ways (grays)  to achieve health.

From my own personal experience, patients often know what they need in order to heal. 

They simply need someone they trust who will hold their hand during the journey and hold space for them.

Nobody knows you better than you!


Sometimes…there is magic in the gray


If you are looking for another viewpoint or different ways of strategizing on what may assist you in achieving your health goals, I would be happy to assist you and give you a fresh perspective.

This is not about who or what is right or wrong.

It is about what resonates with you and your truth. And the answer to this question:

What does your body need in order to heal?

Just as there are 50 shades of gray…there are many different opinions how to achieve your best health

When in doubt…          talk it out

 Your Second Opinion Solution

  • If you have already seen someone else, had tests, are planning on more tests, or whatever unique situation you find yourself in–I’m here to help.
  • If you are currently under the care of another provider but you are still interested in getting a fresh perspective on your health–I’m here to help.
  • As each case is unique, some simple, some extremely complicated–I charge by the hour at a rate of $397/hr with a minimum charge of one hour.  This hourly rate includes time spent on reviewing your documentation and consulting with other health professionals as needed as well as our time together either virtually or in-person.
  • Reserve your time now and I will send you further instructions and a link to create your patient portal to upload your previous notes, lab results, etc.  If you are unable to upload as the file is too large, you may send a copy of your chart to my office in Longmont, Colorado.
  • You will need to place a credit card on file with the office.
  • Once your materials are researched and reviewed, I will send you a link to schedule your office or telemedicine visit.
  • I will invoice the time spent reviewing your materials and bill you at the time of your appointment to the credit card on file.