Your Journey Begins With A Root Assessment!

The Symptoms to Soulutions Method

This is a 3-step system to allow for the most comprehensive service delivery.

Step 1:  Sign up now for the Roots Assessment

Step 2:  Once you have completed the Roots Assessment evaluation you are eligible to enter into either the 6 or 12-month membership program.

Step 3:  Ongoing Maintenance Program



Step 1:

Your one-time investment includes:

  • Extended time office visit with Dr. Glow (90 minutes)
  • Lab review–Advanced Biomarker Testing*
  • Advanced health recommendations and educational materials with an actionable health plan
  • Virtual health coach appointment (60 minutes)
  • Functional Health Examination included with on-site visit (excluded when telehealth visit)
  • Body Composition Analysis (Bonus with on-site visit)
  • Bio-energetic Assessment (Bonus with on-site visit)

The cost of labs is not included


Building a healthy body
starts with a strong foundation

Your body is a powerhouse of 11 biological systems working together to support you through your daily life. When dis-ease or dysfunction affects one body system, it prevents the other body systems from functioning at their optimal level, which can lead to further health problems. The best way to rebuild your healthy body is to start with a strong foundation and this begins with the roots.

Encourage your body to naturally facilitate change by getting to the root of your health.

Take The First Step On Your Journey Toward Health Today!  Once you complete this Foundational Assessment, you are eligible to join the membership program!

evaluations to
unlock your

  Foundational Health:  Root Assessment

  • Identifies areas of imbalance and dysfunction
  • Creates an individualized and systematized road map for your recovery
  • Boosts awareness to help you make informed decisions
  • Opportunity to get introduced to Energy Medicine!!!
  • Looks at imbalances in both your internal and external environments:
    • Internal environment: Nutrient Status, Inflammation, Gut health, Detoxification, Genetic predisposition, Digestion, Energy
    • External Environment: Sleep quality, Activity level, Type of diet/Quality of food, Network of support – Relationships, Stress management, Mental health, Toxic burden (Quality of home care products, Quality of personal care products), Home and work building environments (Mold, Electromagnetic frequencies, Sunlight, Quality of Water



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