Dr. Kimberly Glow MD, MPH

I am a Chicago born and raised Midwestern girl looking for adventure and new beginnings in Colorado!

I help women heal from emotional trauma, remove energy blocks, and heal from the inside, so they can be the best version of themselves!

I graduated from Rush Medical College in Chicago over 20 years ago and I’ve held a variety of interesting positions leading to an array of experience.

I currently focus on the care of women with an integrative and functional approach to mind-body healing.  I have found that adding Energy Medicine to my healing programs is often the missing link when helping those women who feel stuck in there journey.

Due to a complicated story of unresolved emotional trauma leading to multiple chronic health conditions, I was eventually able to put my autoimmune disease into remission through the utilization of a combination of the above healing modalities.

I learned to listen to what my body was trying to tell me and I finally learned the language that my body speaks.

I cleaned up my environment, changed my diet, went deep into my spiritual practices, completed yoga teacher training, began to meditate, removed toxins from my life (food, personal care, cleaning products, people, relationships), learned about energy healing and realized that I could help my patients in a much deeper way by leaving the constraints of conventional medicine and opening my own healing practice.

I learned to heal my body from a root cause by addressing the blocks in my energy.

I completed my training with the Institute for Functional Medicine along with additional training in nutrition, herbal medicine, integrative medicine, advanced nutrient therapies, ayurvedic, mind-body, and bio-energetic medicine.  I’ve had extensive and continued mentoring from experts in functional, integrative, energy, and mind-body medicine.

Working with me means you get to work with some of the greatest minds in our field as we collaborate on challenging cases and support one another clinically.

When my youngest began college, I made the decision to relocate to Colorado and rebuild my life with the man who gently holds my heart.

I am busy networking with colleagues and forming partnerships with holistic healers so I can bring you the very best in both Eastern and Western traditions.  

I plan to be the type of physician that I have always longed to see and have yet to find for myself…

I am honored to bring my decades of medical knowledge to my own clinic here in Colorado.

Join me in this intimate boutique-style women’s only health sanctuary where we focus on mind-body healing by learning to trust our intuition, listen to our bodies, remove blocks in energy, and open to awakened consciousness.

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