Are Stress And Emotions Getting In Your Way?

It’s time for a different approach. Let’s take Functional/Integrative Medicine to the next level!

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What Makes Me Different From Other Doctors?

I go beyond the typical Functional Medicine (Root Cause) approach to medicine and add Bioenergetic Medicine evaluation so that you’ll have the energy to live your life as you desire!

My Unique Approach To Whole Health

I blend Functional/Integrative, Mind-Body, and Bioenergetics so that we can truly get to the root cause of your symptoms so that you can live the life you choose to live!

My Philosophy On Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine as a root cause approach to health is wonderful but unfortunately, biochemistry and genetics are not the full story. I add Energy Medicine so that you get real results…fast!

Do You Have A History?

We all have histories. Our past shapes us and informs our future. It adds richness and depth to our stories. But sometimes, our histories leave emotional scars and hold us back from healing.

Bioenergetic Medicine acknowledges deeper layers to our overall health and vitality and helps us understand energy at the subcellular level. If there is a problem with information and flow of energy this leaves us out of balance and feeling drained, exhausted, moody, and not ourselves.

These energy blocks that result from unresolved emotional trauma or other body burdens take us beyond biochemistry and genetics and the typical functional medicine (root cause) approach to illness.

It is important to understand that physical health can only be achieved once all aspects of your life are addressed.  This includes mind, body, spirit, and emotion.

If you are suffering from any physical concerns and you’re experiencing difficulty in your recovery, I would be honored to help you work through the process of addressing your whole health through the lens of a physician who specializes in functional and integrative medicine using a mind-body centered approach so you can finally live the life you deserve!

I add Bio-energetic assessment to provide that missing link which often is the key to achieving health and healing when you’ve reached a plateau or are stuck on your healing journey.

Do you want to have more energy? A better sex life? Do you want to wake up feeling ready to conquer your day? Do you want to feel good in your own skin? Do you want to stop yelling at your kids and have more patience?

Would you like to live a life filled with grace and ease???

This is a clinic for women.

Women who are in a time of awakening; possibly feeling lost and overwhelmed and looking for a doctor who gets them. Or maybe they want an entire tribe of women who get them.

Women who want to operate in awakened consciousness and understand that they are energetic beings that have the power to connect and communicate with every being on the planet.

Women who want to shift their vibrational frequency to send love and light out into the world. 

Women who feel ready to receive the gifts of joy and abundance which come from living in a state of grace and ease.

Women who are feeling stuck. Women who want to begin again. Start over. Reinvent themselves. 

Women who are just like me.

Let’s partner together and work through any issues that are keeping you from feeling vibrant and healthy.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be the best version of yourself?

Meet Dr. Kimberly Glow

Her specialized approach to whole health begins with listening and addressing mind, body, and spirit

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