Do You Believe The Path To Healing Is Learning How To Listen To Your Body?

If you are a woman and this resonates with you… You are in the right place!

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What Makes Me Different From Other Doctors?

I go beyond the typical biochemical root cause approach of Functional Medicine adding Bioenergetic  Medicine evaluations so that you’ll have the energy to live your life as you desire!

My Unique Approach To Whole Health

I take into account Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul.  I help you uncover subconscious beliefs that may be keeping you stuck so that you move forward with your health and lifestyle goals!

My Philosophy On Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine as a root cause approach to health is wonderful but unfortunately, biochemistry and genetics are not the full story. I add Energy Medicine so that you get real results…fast!

Why Work With Me?

You embrace operating in higher consciousness and you are ready to go deeper to discover the path to true healing.

Imagine what your life would feel like if you could learn to communicate with your body and listen to what it is trying to tell you?

Our bodies are quietly communicating with us each and every day.  When we do not understand the language the body speaks, the body eventually begins to scream at us and that is often when we get labeled with a disease.

I would like to empower you to be your own medicine.

We have more control over our health than we are lead to believe and modern science is revealing that we are not powerless victims of our genes or diagnosis.

Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease-Hippocrates




Meet Dr. Kimberly Glow

Her specialized approach to whole health begins with helping you understand the language your body speaks.

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